Bold, Striking Portraits

The Turkey based Ayca’s bold strokes and vivid colors totally pulled us in on Instagram.  We love her distinct style and as she was the first Instagram artist that agreed to be a part of our launch, we are  now forever fans!  We love all Ayca’s work individually and as a gallery.

We reached out to Ayca for this feature and asked her a few questions…

BB:  We found your work on Instagram and just LOVE your portraits.  How do you choose your subjects?
Ayca:  Thank you.  In my art works, you would see a sensory form of stylized, idealized and empathetic portraits that is a depiction of my friends, family, book characters and musicians; all of which have found a new life.

BB:  How long does a typical portrait take?
Ayca:  Waiting for it to dry and working on it can take 2-3 days.

BB:  Do you do large scale portraits?
Ayca:  I’m trying a few different measures, mostly small scale 25×35 cm.

BB:  Has Instagram helped grow your business?
Ayca:  I think Instagram facilitated the lives of everyone working on visual arts.

BB:  Your portraits make an awesome gallery.  Do you exhibit them that way?  Where do you show your art?
Ayca:  Thank you.  My nearest exhibition is on August 30-31 at the International Art Fair in Amsterdam.  I’m also preparing for my personal exhibition at Artifact Gallery, New York in 2021.

BB:  Your colors are intense and dramatic.  Where does that inspiration come from?
Ayca:  Yes, I like to use striking colors in my work.  I think colors, like in nature are characterizing people.

BB:  What material do you work with?  Do you have a favorite?
Ayca:  My first works were mostly watercolor.  Recently I have been working mainly in oil painting.

BB:  Tell us about your process.
Ayca:  First I make the eyes, then I shape the expression.

BB:  Where are you from?
Ayca:  Turkey.

BB:  Did you go to school for art?  When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?
Ayca:  As a kid, I was delighted to illustrate portraits in magazines and newspapers.
Then, I had no idea I’d be an artist.  Since I didn’t have an art education in my childhood, I had a hard time in mathematics and physics.  I had an undergraduate education of interior architecture and master in product design.  I worked on drawing I made with pleasure and never gave up since my childhood.

BB:  What artists inspire you?  Do you have a favorite?
Ayca:  Elizabeth Peyton, Marlene Dumas, Moise Kisling, Marc Chagall, Fahrelnissa Zeid, Kees Van Dongen, Chantal Joffe and Alice Neel.

BB:  What are your hobbies?
Ayca:  I love watching nature and people.

BB:  We see you love cats.  
Ayca:  I love the individuality of cats and I find them sympathetic.

BB:  If someone would like to commission a work, how do they contact you?
web:  www.aycaguney.com

mail:  [email protected]
Instagram:  aycaguneyart

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