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john currin

John Currin  has reigned as one of the art world’s greatest provocateurs residing on the double-edged sword of desire and disgust. John Currin’s portraits are often done of nude women which reflect the perversity within our culture’s obsession for perfection and beauty. He is known for his love of Renaissance nude, with a hint of contemporary images like those found in today’s women’s fashion magazines. By 1992, Currin was selling his kitschy style of figurative painting at the Andrea Rosen Gallery, which was the start of his big success.

  • the hobo
  • 2070
  • the cripple
  • big hands
  • blonde angel
  • shrouded woman
  • miss fenwick
  • sno-bo
  • bent lady
  • rachel in fur
  • fishermen
  • francis
  • the penitent
  • patch and pearl
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