Love is in the Air

What a great holiday to appreciate the love you get, and an excellent opportunity to give the love you have.
The simplest of gestures often have the greatest impact; tell someone you love them, compliment a stranger, thank a friend… ultimately it’s the interpersonal connections that measure the value of our days and ultimately our lives.
We’ve put together a beautiful gift collection to inspire this romantic holiday as chocolates, lingerie and pretty gifts have their place too.

Love is all you need” – The Beatles

Ways to Love

Date Night

Your special night…

  • Profess your love
  • Make it all about romance
  • Whisper sweet nothings
  • Break out of habit and plan something spontaneous

Practice Self Love


  • Take time for yourself
  • Draw a hot bath
  • Treat yourself to services … think massage, facial, cut, color…
  • Buy a new book and pour a hot cup of tea
  • Buy yourself chocolates, or flowers, or BOTH!

Just for Fun

It’s all good…

  • Send an anonymous love letter ❤️
  • Answer the NY Times
    36 Questions That Lead to Love
  • Surprise someone with a gift
  • Plan a Galentine’s day … girl power!
  • Read your horoscope


Some things never change…

  • Legendary Sweetheart’s. Some fascinating facts:
    • These nostalgic hearts were originally made in the 1800’s. They began printing sayings in 1902
    • 8 billion candies are produced each year making up 40% of the Valentine’s candy market
    • Missives that have been in production every year since 1902 are “Be Mine”, “Be True” & “Kiss Me”
    • The most sought after saying is “Marry Me” 
    • Some missives from days gone by; “Dig Me”, “Hep Cat” & “Fax Me” (too funny!)
    • Recently Sweethearts requested suggestions. The most popular; “Text Me”, “Tweet Me” & “Love bug”
  • The cutest and most popular tradition is children exchanging Valentine’s cards in the classroom 


Brighten your world…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Any type of flower is perfect for you


(Our top picks…anemones, peonies, tulips, roses)

Fun Facts

Trivia action…

  • The name “Valentine’s Day” came about when St. Valentine signed his last letter “From your Valentine” before his execution
  • It was once believed the heart was the humans center of memory, where feelings of love were recorded
  • Back in the victorian era, people expressed their emotions through floriography. Giving a certain kind of flower conveyed a special meaning and red roses symbolized romance
  • The color red is widely used during Valentine’s Day because it has long been considered the color of passion and sexuality
  • Richard Cadbury introduced the first box of Valentine’s Day chocolates in 1868
  • Every year, more than 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country

Las Ventanas al Paraíso

A serious romantic getaway…

Irresistibly magical!   The impeccable Las Ventanas al Paraíso…  exquisite landscapes and dramatic views create a uniquely beautiful setting for this Los Cabos resort.  Known for its impeccable service (they have a department of romance!), attention to detail , pristine grounds and dramatic views.  Setting the standard for luxury and service worldwide. It’s no wonder Travel & Leisure Magazine has named this beach hideaway “most romantic resort in the world”  Not bad.

A Romantic Movie…?

Love Actually

Shakespeare in Love

Gift Guide

Rose Quartz Crystal Stone  $12

Rose Quartz Crystal Stone

Chloe Glass Candle  $18

Chloe Glass Candle

OHII  Lip Gloss  $12

Ohii Lip Gloss


Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

ANNA KARENINA Leo Tolstoy  $18

Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy

Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart  $20

Love Signs: A new Approach to the Human Heart
Linda Goodman

ALBERTA FERRETTI  Don't Forget To Love Sweater  $595

Alberta Ferretti
Don’t Forget to Love Sweater

St. Valentine

RICHART Luxury Chocolates
Petits Classic

REAL, FUN WOW!  Gratitude Graphic Tee  $68

Real Fun, Wow!
Gratitude Graphic Tee

INITIO PARFUMS PRIVES  Oud For Greatness Eau de Parfum  $350

Initio Parfums Prives
Oud For Greatness Parfum

JEAN PATOU  joy  $600

Jean Patou
Joy Parfum

JO MALONE LONDON  Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne  $190

Jo Malone for Him
Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne

NATORI  Muse Lace-Trim Silk Maxi Slip Dress  $695

Silk Maxi Slip Dress

I.D. SARRIERI  Questa Sera Embroidered High-Waist Briefs  $200

I.D. Sarrieri
Questa Sera Embroidered High Waist Briefs

IN BLOOM  Satin Animal Print Chemise  $42

In Bloom
Satin Animal Print Chemise

GILDA AND PEARL  Coco Mini Stretch-Silk Slip  $450

Gilda and Pearl
Mini Stretch-Silk Slip

FLEUR DU MAL  dotty demi bra  $158

Fleur Du Mal
Dotty Demi Bra

GILDA AND PEARL  Coco Short Lace Trim Robe  $975

Gilda and Pearl
Coco Short Lace Trim Robe

ROSANTICA  Sicilia tile ring  $183

Sicilia Tile Ring

JENNIFER ZEUNER  Portia Hoop Earrings  $198

Jennifer Zeuner
Portia Hoop Earrings

ALIGHIERI  Il Leone 24kt gold-plated necklace  $375

Il Leone 24kt Gold-Plated Necklace

SYLVIA TOLEDANO  Mismatched moon and star clip earrings  $203

Sylvia Toledano
Mismatched Moon and Star Clip Earrings

NINA GILIN  14K Yellow Gold & Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace  SOLD OUT

Nina Gilin
14k Yellow Gold & Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

DIANE KORDAS  Diamond & rose-gold earrings  $2,511

Diane Kordas
Diamond & Rose-Gold Earrings

IPPOLITA  18K Gold Band Ring with Diamonds  $2,900

18k Gold Band Ring with Diamonds

TAMARA COMOLLI  Bouton 18k Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring  $2,200

Tamara Comolli
Bouton 18k Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline Ring

ARMAN SARKISYAN  Pink Tourmaline Diamond-Trim Ring  $12,980

Arman Sarkisyan
Pink Tourmaline Diamond Trim Ring

IPPOLITA  Classico Super Thick 18K Yellow Gold Hammered Bangle Bracelet  $1,795

Super Thick 18k Yellow Gold Hammered Bangle

LANA  14k Small Double-Circle Hoop Earrings  $1,800

14k Small Double-Circle Hoop Earrings

SYDNEY EVAN  14k Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire Hamsa-Pattern Necklace  $2,640

Sydney Evan
14k Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire Hamsa Pattern Necklace

(posted: January 2020)


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