Working Toward the Greater Good

We’re enamored with essential workers… They show up to the job, in high-risk situations, so the rest of us can safely shelter in place.
The pandemic was thrust upon them, and for months now they have continued to rise to the occasion.

To understand some of their struggles and joys, and hear their unique perspective on this unique pandemic, Basically Beautiful reached out to Dr. Kevin Roma, a beloved ER physician at Riverview Medical Center, Katherine Barrett,  a registered nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, and a personal friend, Jan Mazak, that works a 2nd job as a Wegman’s cashier.   We asked each a series of questions unique to their position and also include a small series of general questions for all,
to illustrate how unique individual perspectives can be.

Thank you Dr. Roma, Katherine, and Jan for taking your precious free time to talk with us.
We found your answers inspiring and are grateful for the perspective you offer and the selfless work that you do.


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