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A great time to brighten the house and refresh your tabletop.  The selections are tremendous and vary from young and fun to other level, unique design.  We are absolutely CRAZY for the geometric shapes of Raawii ceramics!  A minimalistic perspective, creating super versatile, fun, dramatic ceramics.  This young, Portugal based brand are design geniuses! (Not sure if they have won design awards, but i’m sure they’re on their way). Meanwhile, Dinosaur Designs STUNS with a collection of resin vases, cups, trays and plates.  The incredibly artful, organically shaped collection is other level tabletop art.  Every piece is crafted by hand, with intense colourways, organic shapes and thrilling combinations.  A super elegant gift to give…. Aerin ALWAYS delivers the goods in gold.  A highly versatile collection of barware, plates and crystal glasses.  Every piece is so pretty on it’s own and GORGEOUS as a collection.  Brunello Cucinelli’s understated elegance is not to be denied with this crystal and flatware collections: exquisitely designed in its sheer simplicity.  Colors and shapes extraordinaire from Matilda Goad. And a series of artful vases from Nick Vinson .  Hermès takes center stage with a bold, artful collection.  The designs so striking and dramatic we can’t imagine the food getting any attention?!   CABANA MAGAZINE collaborates with Carolina Herrera and gets the party started in the tropics?!  Bright, beautiful colors and designs.  Uber talent, Helle Mardahl, delivers mouth-blown sculptures in unique shapes and colorways.  This is Danish craftsmanship at its finest.  And of course Fornasetti always intrigues with their humor and innovative designs.

Overall, super talented tabletop designers delivering major drama and inspiration….


This artful collection brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Anthropologie, CB2, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Matches Fashion. 

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