A Few of Our Favorites

With over 2,500 talks available from people of every walk of life and topics that span the universe (literally!)

TED is a bottomless pit of inspiration! Here, a short list of some favorites.

Just love this guy!  With a eye toward the greater good and an excellent idea, he’s simply making the world a better place one garden at a time.  All around inspiring.

This talk holds the distinction of being the single most popular of all time and it’s no surprise why. Such an interesting question and compelling considerations.  All delivered by a incredibly witty, engaging, englishmen!  We recommend it it everyone we know.

A genius neuroanatomist with an incredible experience after suffering a stroke. She’s humble, fascinating and brilliant.  Here’s a talk you find yourself thinking about time and again.

Brutally honest about an incredibly personal and painful time in her life.  Leslie Morgan Steiner shares the drama and dynamics behind domestic abuse. Disturbing, harrowing, and utterly fascinating all at once.  Our take away… the truth shall set you free.  (rock on Leslie!)

The shortest talk we’ve ever seen because as it turns out it doesn’t take much!  Just make sure you’re selective.

As it turns out, sometimes it’s okay to procrastinate… an expert in organizational psychology, Adam Grant, takes a deep dive into how the  creative process often works for original thinkers. Maybe next time students come to him with a half baked idea he’ll take more interest?! So interesting…

(posted: May 2019)


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