Color & Beauty

millions of years old

helping to raise our collective vibration

promote the flow of good energy and rid the body and mind of bad energy

cleansing crystals removes stale energy



BB:  What are the benefits of having crystals?

Ami:  Holding crystals or placing them near your body promotes emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Crystals interact with your body’s energy fields (chakras) and can provide well-being and many intangible benefits.

BB:  Where do you keep them?


Near your bedside to absorb energy while sleeping

In spaces that are sacred such as an altar

Near plants

On your body

BB:  The reason your recharge them?

Ami:  Over time, crystals can pick up negative or unuseful energy around them and therefore not provide their full benefits.  Every so often, it’s a good idea to recharge the crystals.

BB:  When to recharge them?

Ami:  I like to recharge crystals every so often on New Moon days as these are sacred times to refresh or start something new.

I also like to recharge crystals every season.

BB:  Do different crystals have unique meanings?

Ami:  Each crystal holds a unique energetic benefit and purpose.

In my video, the first crystal held is Amazonite, used to counteract all the negative energy that emits from electronics.  Second is clear quartz, a master healer, that amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it for the person using it.  Third is amethyst, a protective, healing and purifying stone that also aids sleep and relieves stress.  Fourth is rose quartz (two of them!) which cultivates love, both self-love and compassion to others, and trust in relationships and can comfort in times of grief and uncertainty.  Last, is carnelian, a crystal that boosts motivation and creativity.


There are so many crystals out there.  These are the ones I chose for me and my family.  We each keep them by our bedsides.


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