Time to Press Reset

The frenzy of the holidays often leaves us feeling fatigued with spending, eating, drinking, sugar consumption, etc.
A New Year offers a fresh start and a great time to reflect, set goals, reset your perspective to live a better, smarter, happier life. 
Look back for perspective and move forward with new purpose.

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Todd James

New Year, New Look

New you…

  • Buy a piece of ART! (Todd James above!)
  • Brighten your home with fresh flowers
  • Get a new haircut, color.  Wear a new style
  • Try a new lipstick color
  • Work a fashion trend (think sustainable)
  • Buy a new pair of glasses 
  • Invest in a great blazer (the easiest way to look sharp)
healthy habits

Healthy Habits

Way to be…

  • Practice self-love; eat clean, drink more water, get good sleep, exercise, read more
  • Set an intention for the day, the week, the year
  • Set goals (fascinating fact: people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them)
  • Learn healthy deep breathing techniques.  Incorporate them into your day (while driving, before bed, etc.)
  • Try something for the first time (get out of your comfort zone)
  • Shift your perspective. Are you asking what have I been given?  What am I getting? What do I want? Instead ask: How can I help others? What can I give? What do they need?
  • Use good manners (please and thank you are always a good start)

How To Be Less Wasteful

Starts with awareness…

  • Plastic: Drink from glass.  Avoid single use plastic. Bring reusable bags to shop.
  • Food: Only buy what is essential from the foodstore.  Compost. Prepare meals exclusively from items in your pantry and/or freezer. 
  • Water: Don’t leave water running.  Take shorter showers. Use the spray nozzle on faucet for rinsing dishes.
  • Time:  Go on a social media diet. Answer emails in blocks of time.  Have a routine for getting out the door. Pay bills online.
  • Money: Make coffee at home. Use only no fee atm’s.  Bring your own water (in a eco friendly container) out to lunch/dinner.
  • Budgeting and/or Invest:  Download a budgeting app.  The Acorn and Mint apps are worth a look.
  • Clothing: Buy good essentials and only buy what you need,  Offer hand me downs. Donate items no longer being used to charity. 
new beginnings

Celebrate New Beginnings

And raise a glass…

  • Have a blast on New Years Eve! (and New Years Day!)
  • Give someone an unexpected kiss at midnight
  • Make a toast to “all good things”
  • Start a tradition: Spend 5 minutes on New Years Day writing the most significant events in your life over the past year. You’ll be surprised over how full your life really is
healthy habits

Make Time For Fun

You’ve earned it…

  • Hang w/ friends
  • Crank the tunes and dance your heart out
  • Craft your own cocktail
  • Send an anonymous love letter
  • Movie night (pop the corn, wear your favorite pajamas)
breaking bad habits

Breaking Bad (habits)

A fresh start…

  • Avoid overindulging in food, spending, alcohol, sleep (a little self discipline goes a long way)
  • Not listening to others. (active listening is one of the kindest interpersonal acts)
  • Gossip (best to only speak kind words and avoid what is not your business)
  • Digital technology overload (give your eyes and your spirit a break)
  • Complaining (please swipe image above for a fuller perspective)
  • Being wasteful of time/money/natural resources (we have one life and one planet. we should all do our best)
  • Being mentally lazy (a mind is a terrible thing to waste)

The best years always involve helping the most vulnerable.…  We’re looking at a few world class organizations helping the planets most magnificent animals.  Please visit their sites and follow their social platforms.  You’ll be inspired and amazed over the impact their dedication and work has on our planet and the animal kingdom at large.


Wildlife Conservation Society

WCS saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature.

sheldrick wildlife trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust exists to protect Africa’s wildlife and to preserve habitats for the future of all wild species…
please consider donating.

American Humane Society

American Humane Society

American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals and strengthening the bond between animals and people.

Basically Beautiful wishes you great joy and love in the New Year.

(posted: December 2019)


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