Chocolate Lovers of the World Unite!

A brand to feel good about.  Tony’s Chocolonely has got it all going on: delicious chocolate, kick ass graphics and a world class vision.

We were first drawn to the Tony’s Chocolonely graphics (bold, colorful & completely original), but the taste and mission is what has us coming back for more.

A socially conscious brand with a mission to “create 100% slave free chocolate”  (Please visit their site for the complete story on their mission and how the current chocolate market exploits children and farmers in cocoa field throughout the world. It truly is heart wrenching.  We encourage you to watch the Netflix documentary, Rotten, to learn more.)

This holiday season, Basically Beautiful is thrilled to be gifting Tony’s!  We’ve packaged them in groups of three (the flavor options are amazing btw) and have wrapped them in a gorgeous velvet green ribbon for a little more holiday spirit.

An awesome hostess gift, stocking stuffer, and/or add on for tip envelopes.  Think mailman, manicurist, etc.  You get the idea…  We also love to keep a few bars on hand when entertaining.  It also looks great cracked on a cheese board and makes a great party favor.  A beautiful, great tasting gift with universal appeal.  All while working toward the greater good.  A win, win.


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