White Lava Pebble Beaches...

There is perhaps not a bad view on the entire island of Santorini.
With cerulean blue waters, beaches made from black, red, and white lava, jutting cliffs covered with white clay houses,no filter is needed when photographing this picturesque landscape.
Located in the Aegean Sea, this Greek island offers the Mediterranean Lifestyle at its finest. (Fascinating fact: Greeks enjoy the highest quality of life on earth, with life expectancy at an average of 89.5 years!). In addition to this low-stress environment, visitors can enjoy the same comforts as the locals.
Relax on the beach while a restaurant prepares a meal of fresh fish caught that very morning, only feet away from where you are lying. Sip locally vinted wines, dip bread in deep green olive oils. The food is fresh. The wine is produced from traditions lasting centuries.
While many visit this sun-soaked island for simplicity, the ancient city of Santorini offers several ultra-modern hotels including the stunning, majestic views offered of the Pegasus Suites and Spa. For a more high-end, boutique experience, there is the Adonis which offers designer shopping and a close proximity to restaurants, boutiques, and the beach.
A massage and glass of wine, or perhaps a dip in your in-room jacuzzi is the perfect way to prepare for a night on the town. Santorini may be old-world, but there is no shortage of restaurants and nightclubs, many of which are open into the early morning hours.
Visit a vineyard (such as Venetsanos), go diving for sea urchins, and catch some rays on the beach  like a local and get pampered in a way that will remove you from your the troubles in the world, all one one island.
History lovers will be awestruck at the thousands of years of architecture and culture, while foodies and adventurers will find their prospects limitless.

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